Friday, March 28, 2008

Who are those people that Cause traffic at intersections?

I have been annoyed at people that are in the middle of 4 way stop sign intersections asking for donations. Instead of being on the side of intersections like this picture, they are really right in the middle of the road inbetween the 2 lanes. Today they were at 2 different intersections, one in Loganville and one in Winder. What is annoying to me was that these people cause a longer backup in traffic at those intersections. Also it has to be pretty dangerous to be in the middle of the road. I asked my mom today who she thinks these people are and she thinks that they are Shriners. I looked them up today at Interesting enough they are Master Masons. It sounds like they are trying to get donations for Shriners Hospital. Shriners Hospital sounds like a great Hospital that helps children get medical help without the family paying anything. I am a little curious if they take all the money people donate and give it to the Hospital or if they use it for other things like the Temples they have, or their social activities, etc, or if they might take some of the donations for themselves. Overall it sounds like a good thing to donate to.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Pollingpoint Quiz, How would you answer?

I received a new link to participate in this week's Pollingpoint survey and it was quite interesting but vague. It was actually so vague that some answers were very hard to give due to no specifics behind it. So the way that I took it was to ask "in general". Some are about Government and some are about Society if you can separate the two of those. So I took it and then I asked Kevin, Derek, Scott, and Carie some of the questions too and this is some responses to each. I would say if you comment, and have not participated in the survey, then I would like you to answer the questions as well. Again, the answers that were given might change if you put any specific examples into any question.

The answers for the first questions were in the range of:
Strongly Agree
Moderately Agree
Mildly Agree
Mildly Disagree
Moderately Disagree
Strongly Disagree

Q) Sometimes government needs to make laws that keep people from hurting themselves.
A) Kevin Strongly Disagree, Jeff Mildly Agree, Scott Moderately Agree, Derek Moderately Disagree, Carie Mildly agree

Q) It's society's responsibility to make sure everyone's basic needs are met.
A) Jeff Mildly Agree, Scott Disagree, Kevin Agree, Derek Moderately Agree, Carie Moderately Agree

Q) People should be able to rely on the government for help when they need it.
A) Scott Agree, Kevin Strongly Disagree, Jeff Mildly Agree, Carie Moderately Agree, Derek Mildly Disagree

Q) People who are successful in business have a right to enjoy their wealth as they see fit.
A) Kevin Strongly Agree, Scott Agree, Jeff Moderately Agree, Derek Strongly Agree, Carie Mildly Disagree

Q) Government regulations are almost always a waste of everyone's time and money.
A) Kevin Strongly Agree, Jeff Mildly Disagree, Scott Disagree, Derek Moderately Agree, Carie Moderately Agree

Q) We have gone too far in pushing equal rights in this country.
A) Kevin Moderately Agree, Scott Agree, Jeff Mildly Agree, Derek Strongly Agree, Carie Moderately Disagree

Q) Parents should encourage young boys to be more sensitive and less rough and tough.
A) Scott disagree, Kevin Moderately Disagree, Jeff Mildly Disagree, Derek Moderately Agree, Carie Mildly Agree

The next Questions asked were about if the following things that might contain a certain amount of Risk to our Society. So answers needed to be:
Almost no Risk
Slight Risk
Moderate Risk
High Risk

Q) Gay Marriage
A) Derek = Moderate Risk, Jeff, Kevin, Scott, and Carie = High Risk

Q) Legal Restrictions on Abortion
A) Derek, Jeff, and Carie = Almost no Risk, Scott and Kevin = Slight Risk

Q) Spread of Nuclear Weapons
A) Kevin = Moderate Risk, Scott, Jeff, Derek, and Carie = High Risk

Q) The Internet
A) Derek = Almost no Risk, Kevin = Slight Risk, Jeff and Carie = Moderate Risk, Scott = High Risk

Q) Nuclear Power
A) Derek = Almost No Risk, Jeff = Slight Risk, Kevin = Moderate Risk, Scott = High Risk

Q) Mad Cow Disease
A) Derek = Almost no Risk, Carie and Jeff = Slight Risk, Scott and Kevin = Moderate Risk

Q) Pornography
A) All Answered High Risk

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Carie Pregnant Update

I wanted to give an update on our new arrival like Katie did.

Week: 30
Real Due date: May 28th
What we think the date will be: Around May 8th
Girl Possible Names: Maren, Marisa, Emily, Madeline
Possible Middle Names: Elizabeth, Kae.
Different Food Craves I have seen: Eggs(omelets), Fish sticks.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tannner's Birthday!

Today was Tanner's birthday! And he is 5 years old now. He is getting alot easier to communicate with and to talk to. He is really a great son. We had his party with friends his age yesterday (Saturday) and he had a great time. It was a superhero theme and all the kids had fun on the "obstacle course" and when the villian (me dressed up) stole the cupcakes, the kids chased me around the house trying to get them back. Once they caught me, they tied me up. His favorite toy is a Transformer that he got. Carie and I watched the Transformer movie a little bit ago and one day while Carie was gone, I let Tanner watch the middle to the end too and he liked it. Then I got in trouble with Carie fom letting him watch some. I forgot that it was rated PG-13. It was a bit too violent for him as well. He also got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle DVD that he loves to watch everyday! Crazy how things were so popular in my day growing up are now popular again over 20 years later.

PollingPoint / Surveys

I signed up for a website that conducts polls at least once a week. It is I like how they phrase alot of their questions. They ask you everything from politics to what you buy and your opinion on many different topics. Each survey takes about 10 minutes and they give you a certain number of points anytime you finish one. Again, usually a new one every week. Once you get enough points you can redeem them for prizes or cash. I first got into it because I like to answer the questions and give my opinion, but I like it more since I can get rewarded for answering. I sometimes get phone calls about surveys that they are conducting too around the area, like today about building a YMCA in Walton county and I like giving my opinion on anything and everything. I wonder how many people I count for when they do these surveys?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

School Pictures

Today we got Tanner's proof picture from school. The cheapest way to get any photo from the place that took the picture is to pay for the cheapest "package" which is $22 for 1 5X7 and 4 wallets. Why can't I pay for 1 Digital File and print my own? I'm willing to pay for their time (maybe 1-2 minutes to take a picture) and digital file but not their Paper and ink when I can print it myself. What is 2 minutes of their time worth? According to them it is $22/.0333 = $660/hr and I get 1 5X7 and 4 wallets. Did you know you can get 1 5X7 and 4 wallets from Walgreens or anywhere like that for less than $2. Also, you can order a photo CD with a digital file on it for $35, but only after you buy a "package." Also you can't print any of that photo from the digital CD because it is copyrighted.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Pictures of Kids

Here are a new recent pictures of the kids taken yesterday. Hope you enjoy.