Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Digital Video vs Pictures

I have always liked doing Digital Videos better than Pictures. Carie is always taking and getting pictures ready, but I usually try to do the camcorder more. Much better than pictures because you get to hear and see people in action than just see how they look in a still picture. So here are a few more recent videos taken.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ice Breakers

I am a leader at a Best Buy Electronics store and I have 1 day each week that I am in charge of leading the morning discussion for that day. My day has always been Saturday. We always have an Ice Breaker to start and go from there. My favorite Ice Breaker has always been the sit down volleyball game. You have 2 teams that sit down on the floor and use a large rubber ball as a volleyball with the checkout lanes as the net. It is pretty fun, but some people always don't want to participate so I have been trying to come up with a few more Ice Breakers. Today we did a fast scavenger hunt. Can you come up with all of these items found in a Best Buy store? Could be multiple different items for each.

Jeff's Scavenger Hunt
Find as many of these items as you can
1) Digital connection but no sound
2) makes Cars have 110-120 Volts
3) Call me without any phone
4) Has no value in the store but people spend lots of money for it
5) This week's new release DVD or CD
6) Filled or unfilled container of a gas

Anyway, but I'm trying to get other suggestions for other good Ice breakers. Do you have one?