Sunday, January 27, 2008

Geographically challenged

Just was watching Tonight show with Jay Leno and they had this clip, "Jaywalking" where Jay goes out near a public place and ask questions to people. This time he was looking for High School students and asking them about geography questions. Amazing how these Teenagers don't know the continent that Iraq is in, Or what language Great Britain speaks, Or what does the Panama canal connect. Are some kids growing up not getting a Geography class? Same thing when we watch, Smarter than a 5th grader. I admit I haven't known the answer to some questions from the show, but when I see some dumb people on the show it makes me wonder if education is getting worse in our country. No wonder Carie keeps telling me how scary the kids are educated around here. She tutors twice a week at a private institution and is amazed at how little some kids know.

Lindsey is so funny, she likes to sing and dance a lot of the time now. Twinkle, Twinkle little star is her favorite to sing. I will try to get it on video soon. Tanner is having his surgery to remove his tougue tied lip this week. He has not been getting good sleep though because Lindsey has been keeping him up and it is affecting his behavior, especially at school. But he did a great job on Friday and got to play with a friend and go to the Park.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow and Cold

It snowed yesterday Saturday Jan 19 here in GA. We got about 2" on the ground but it didn't stick on the roads. We still have a little left on the grass and areas but I don't think it will stay long. Tanner and Lindsey were excited and played in it for a while. It is amazing what closes down here in GA when it barely snows and gets colder than 32 degrees. Even at BYU when we had over 16" of snow one weekend, we still had school and church like any other day. I took a few pictures of the kids playing and hope to get them on here the next few days.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Recent Events and News

Things have been busy for us lately. Carie is moving along on with the pregnancy and is about 20 weeks. 1/2 way there. We have the official ultrasound tomorrow, but we already know it is a girl due to an earlier ultrasound done. Also, we just scheduled Tanner's surgery, just to fix Tanner's tongue tied problem. His tongue is tied all the way to the tip and is affecting his speech. Just a little cut on Feb 1st. We have been trying to finish cleaning our house from the holidays. Got all decorations down and almost put away. Got my new HD off the air antenna mounted and up on the roof with the help of my dad and it does a pretty good job for the HD Tivo I got for Christmas. I just need a HDTV now. I've been trying to figure the best way to convert video to MPEG2 so that it can be put on the Tivo. Other than that, work is going good and we like to play board games with family and friends as often as we can.

Tanner about 2 years old
first learning to play hockey.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

VoteMatch - Which Candidate do you line up with?

Today was the Iowa Caucus that starts the year with the big presidential election in November. Carie and I were discussing how we still didn't know a lot about the candidates so we decided to go to a website and see what they stand for and how we match up with them. The website is It has 20 questions from Strongly Support to Strongly oppose things. My #1 with 63% Match was Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney #2 at 58%. Carie's #1 was Mitt Romney at 53% and then Mike Huckabee #2 at 48%. Pretty interesting. No surprise for both of us that our lowest match for both of us was Hillary Clinton around 25%.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Why start a blog?

I have gotten two lessons in Church each of the past 2 weeks about keeping up your history and writing in a journal. So I figure that a new goal that I could do would be to start and keep up a Blog. Because I think I will be better at updating a blog then writing in a journal. Also being Jan 1, 2008 today would be a good goal to start with this year.

A little about me. Jeffrey William Brown born Dec 11, 1976. Oldest of 6 kids. Graduated from South Gwinnett High School in 1995. Served a mission in the Idaho Boise Mission from 1996 to 1998. Got Married to my sweetheart Carie Elizabeth Sheffield on Aug 10, 2001. First child (M) Tanner William Brown born on Mar 16, 2003. Graduated BYU Summer 2003. Second child (F) Lindsey Elaine Brown born Dec 30, 2005. I am currently a Business Sales Supervisor for Best Buy.

First, we are expecting our Third Child! Due date in late May but will be early May probably because our other 2 children have been 3-4 Weeks early. We just got an ultrasound and it is going to be a Girl. We are already having a hard time coming up with a good name we can agree on but we are narrowing it down. Had a Family get together for New Years eve tonight and played games and did the usual Fireworks outside.

Secondly, I want to put down a recent wager my brother Scott and I have on Technology. The wager is if a 37" LCD HDTV which is now around $600 average price, will be about $300 average price in 5 years. If it is under $300, I win.