Monday, November 24, 2008

Black Friday Deals

Check out the Black Friday deals going on at

Q: Are you/would you go shopping on Black Friday?

Q: After looking at the deals, what sounds like the best deal and for what?

Q: Do you think you would have to go stand in line early before 4 am to get this deal?

Q: Is it worth it?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How would you answer this week's Pollingpoint poll?

1) People are legally considered adults when they turn 18, but at what age do you think society should treat children like grown-ups?
A. 21 or above
B. 20
C. 19
D. 18
E. 17
F. 16
G. Earlier than 16
H. It completely depends on the child.

2) Do you think the legal driving age should be lowered, raised, or stay the same?
A. Lowered
B. Raised
C. Stay the same

3) John McCain has been criticized for not being Internet-savvy. How important is it that the President is up-to-date on information technology?
A. Very important
B. Somewhat important
C. Not very important
D. Not at all important

4) Do you think there is a trend in America of people becoming more or less intelligent?
A. More intelligent
B. Less intelligent
C. No trend
D. Don't know

5) How big of a role do you think the Internet plays in this trend?
A. Very big
B. Somewhat big
C. Not very big
D. Not at all
E. Not sure

6) Would you go on a reality TV show?
A. Definitely Yes
B. Probably Yes, but it has to be a specific one.
C. Probably Not, unless there is a new show made that I would do.
D. Definitely Not.
(if you answer A or B, Tell the name of the show)

7) Would you go on a TV Game show?
Same Answers as above
(Again, if you answer A or B, Tell the name of the show)

I'm going to answer in the comments, but if you read the comments you have to answer the questions too!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Family Picture and events

Tanner had interession (week off of school) a week ago and we got to do some fun things together. Went to Stone Mountain park where we played mini-golf, rode the train, and saw lots of shows. Went to a Pumpkin Patch area and they had a hay-ride and play area where we also had a picnic. And also went to the Atlanta Zoo where we all had a good time. It was good to do family stuff for that week because this is the busy season for Best Buy and we will not have much time until after Christmas.

Georgia Ballot Measures

Here are the 3 ballot measures for Georgia to vote on tomorrow as well:

This is for your information and also I have given my opinion :) but this is for you to decide.

#1) “Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide that the General Assembly by general law shall encourage the preservation, conservation, and protection of the state's forests through the special assessment and taxation of certain forest lands and assistance grants to local government?"

Jeff's understanding is that people or businesses that own undeveloped or forest areas (over 200 acres) would get a tax break on that property if left undeveloped (at least for 15 years). People against the measure say that It would mean less tax money coming from that area and it would have to be made up by all Georgia taxpayers. People for it say that it helps to preserve the forest land and that those owners are not charged the high rate of taxes for preserving forests and undeveloped land.

I would say I am for this in order to not punish big land owners (people or businesses) for forest and undeveloped land and to preserve some of the green forests in GA. If they want to still develop it, they can as before with normal taxation. So it doesn't hurt development either.

#2) “Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to authorize community redevelopment and authorize counties, municipalities, and local boards of education to use tax funds for redevelopment purposes and programs?"

Jeff's understanding is that local government would get to use school taxes to fund development projects in the community. People against it say that school funds should be used on school needs only and not for the community or development. And that it gives the school board to much power to fund things not part of education. People for it say that that money from city and county are sometimes not enough to support massive projects and it gives a choice to the school board to help in the community or not. They say that when they improve the community and area it therefore improves schools.

I am against this one. If the local government wants to improve an area or for development then use the money from state and county and city taxes and not from school funds. If they can't support it with those alone then save up or find something else that will help. School board members should focus on direct help in education and not on things that indirectly might help.

#3) “Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to authorize the General Assembly to provide by general law for the creation and comprehensive regulation of infrastructure development districts for the provision of infrastructure as authorized by local governments?"

Jeff's understanding is that local government could approve of "infrastructure districts" or "private cities" basically an "area of land" meant for a developer to borrow money from the local government to develop that area and pay it off from people who buy that area after it is developed. People against it say that it makes it so that the local government can give tax payer money to a Developer to promote development in an area that might not occur or not needed. And if that area fails (doesn't sell) then the taxpayers are left to pay for it. People for it say that it is a new tool that will be used to pay for badly needed projects in some areas to increase development and that developers will pay back to taxpayers after it is bought up. Also it makes it so that these developments have a 20 Percent greenspace for parks and better water conservation.

I am against this measure because I want developers to build where they want and how they want and not the local government telling them where and how.