Monday, August 25, 2008


Went on a family vacation with the extended family this past week to Florida and had a lot of fun. First we all stayed at my Dad and Mom's new house in Orlando with lots of new games and toys. Some new toys for Tanner and Lindsey and some new toys for the older kids (that means everyone in the family). My sisters introduced the playstation 3 toy to me and the game Rockband that Mike Page and I were into a bit this week. We got the beat down pretty well as we played.

I got to keep up with the olympics in HD on a 65" Plasma there. Also got to see a few movies in HD. It was good to pass some time in the house because there was some rain for a couple days due to Tropical storm Fay coming through Florida.

We went to Disneyworld's Magic kingdom for a day and Tanner and Lindsey had a good time. It was hard getting Lindsey off of, "It's a small world" because she wanted to do it again and stay on and Tanner's favorite was, "Pirates of the Caribbean."
Also went to Sea World for a Day and we all loved all the shows and animals. Tanner loved the shark encounter the best and Lindsey favorite was watching Elmo and a live sesame street show. Carie and I liked the Shamu show best.
We also got to go to the beach near Melbourne and had a good day enjoying the sun, sand, and cool water while riding some bigger waves due to the storms. Probably a bit too much because we all got a bit sunburned.
Also, Carie and I never got to go out for our anniversary because we worked all the week before we left. So we went out just us 2 and went to a good dinner show. They put on a show and give you clues that you should figure out to see who the murderer was. Dinner was pretty good too. At the end they tell you who the murderer is and see if your right. Pretty cool and you can get more info at

Anyway, a good week and Thank you so much Mom and Dad for the invite and a great time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Recent Happenings

Just wanted to tell what everyone has been up to recently:

Jeff: I had been working hard in Preparation and during Tax Free Weekend. Crazy how busy and what people will go through to save $20-$60 dollars of Sales Tax during these 4 days. Overtime is really going to be nice on the next paycheck! Taking care of the lawn (mostly) and playing outside with the kids when home.

Carie: Hardest job of all keeping up with the house and now 3 kids. She is going to be getting back to tutoring part-time again in a few weeks that she enjoys. She takes care of the most with the shopping and bills included.

Tanner: Has been busy during the summer, he just finished intermediate swimming lessons and is just starting Under 6 Soccer with Walton parks. He started Kindergarten this year and likes it so far. He rides the bus everyday back and forth. He likes to play with neighborhood friends every extra time he can.

Lindsey: Has also been busy, well making Carie and I busy with the things she can get into when not looked at. We are potty training her and it is going slow. She loves the Caliou show on PBS and likes to go for walks and go swimming. She is at the very independant time that wants to do everything all by herself. "Lindsey do it." Likes to accessorize already and dress up.

Maren: Smiling now when she gets the attention and is holding her head up alot on her own. Sometimes sleeping for 6 hours at night. A little different then Tanner and Lindsey because she likes Bath time and diaper changes. But even she doesn't like changing clothes or getting dressed - just like the others.

Saturday, August 2, 2008