Sunday, June 14, 2009

Technology is amazing and some predictions

It is amazing how fast technology is changing and growing. With MagicJack or OOMA, you can already get unlimited local and long distance phone service without any monthly fee just through the internet and my prediction is that TV Service will soon follow (actually you can get this already and watch on the computer) but they will make a unit like Magicjack or OOMA that will get almost any channel you want through the internet and show it on your TV and it will be live or on demand. Actually TV's will start to come with Wireless cards and ethernet jacks inside the TV to just download or stream right on the Set.

Instead of getting laptops, cell phones, cameras, MP3 players or camcorders anymore, there will be one small unit to carry around that will do everything these 5 things do plus more. With 4G networks coming, (1 already here in Atlanta with Clear ), we will have plenty of coverage and speed anywhere we are in the world.

These predictions are also much closer then what you think. I guess in no more than 4 years from now. My predictions are usually right, just ask my family. lol, Thanks Scott and Ali for making them so.


brownwr said...

Not only Two Cute Girls, but Adorable, lovely, Sweet, Awesome, and full of life, etc, these girls have a way of really bringing sunshine to there grandparents!

You have been right on many occasions. Looking forward for you being right again!

Scott said...

I'm just now reading your post today. You seriously think that in 4 years we're not going to be using laptops anymore? Yeah right. There will be some devices that do all those things you mentioned (you could argue my 3 year old laptop does all that stuff right now) but people will still buy laptops, camcorders, and phones just like today. The technology will be a lot better in 4 years, but that doesn't mean it will be practical or people will even want to use the same device for everything.